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The nicest terms I can think of are: Female sexaholic 2.

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Insatiable woman See how far the feminist movement has brought us? I thought our goal was to be free, independent, sexually emancipated females. We're still considered cheap floozies if we are. Angel Eyes. Looking at the suggestions so far, it equlvalent to me that only man-eater with hyphen, for me so far captures a breadth of meaning womanizer female equivalent to womanizer.

She's a "Mananizer" | SoSuave Discussion Forum

I am not quite sure. In my personal not necessarily correct perception, a femme fatale would be somebody who is so exceptionally attractive, either beautiful or with unusual poise, who invariably breaks womanizer female equivalent hearts of men around, makes them lose their heads rather than a woman who seeks out and has relationships with many men In other femalee, this is not a term to describe her womanizer female equivalent disposition and lifestyle.

I may be wrong.

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This is how I have been womanizer female equivalent it all my life. AngelEyes said: I thought our goal was to be free, independent, sexually emancipated womanizer female equivalent The double standards issue is very evident from the replies I wish I could think of a term that is as broad in meaning as man-eater with less of its negativity.

On the other hand, my perception of its negativity could womanizer female equivalent be another example of double standards. I'm thinking that for a man to describe another man as "a bit of a womanizer" is not entirely uncomplimentary.

Would women feel the same way about describing another woman as "a bit equivalwnt a man-eater"? Should I run away and hide under the table now? Nymphomaniac is surely too physical a term? Womanizer female equivalent again at Solbrillante's explanation: A womanizer is a man who seeks out and has relationships with many women Womanizer female equivalent a womanizer could be called a playboy, a philanderer, a Don Juan, Hence the womanizer leaves a trail of broken hearts to which he is callously indifferent.

I womanizer female equivalent the tprevious hread on man-eater interesting. Suehil Medemod Tillou, France. We do have a term for young women. Eauivalent call them boy crazy but the terms do get nastier with age.

Are you talking about "old-man crazy"?

What is a womanizer, and what is the female equivalent? | Yahoo Questions/Réponses

A "Carmen" http: Or man-crazy. The correct English spelling womanizer female equivalent english is English ; - Gorpik. A very interesting question. Good thing you removed the "bitch" reference.

Womanizer female equivalent was totally uncool. Man-eater and vamp are a little bit "slangy" compared to seductress - a woman who seduces someone, esp. Although seductress fits www freefucktonightcom in Cambridge ma some ways, couldn't it also be used to describe a woman who pursues a man on only one occasion? I think that would be a somewhat sexist interpretation - would you call a man who only pursued one woman on one occasion a womanizer female equivalent

Of course not. So why label a woman by "one-time-only" behaviour? Real seductresses often make a career of it as golddiggers - FumbleFingers.

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If a man seduced a woman only once, I wouldn't call him a womanizer, but I would certainly call him womanizer female equivalent seducerso I don't think it's womanizer female equivalent particularly sexist interpretation. It sounds like a "label" to me. If I happened to know it was the woman, not the man or mutual, and if I happened to be discussing such delicate matters with another party God forbid!

I think I'd probably say "she made the running""she was up for it"or "she was all over him". What be naughty unsubscribe did, not who she is.

Unless she's a right slag - but then it wouldn't be a "one-off", would it?

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A seductress womanizer female equivalent merely good at creating sexual desire in men. A man-eater uses men for her own desires without womanizer female equivalent care for any harm she may be doing to the men.

This is more analogous to womanizer than the other options are. Isn't 'womanizer' slangy too? I wouldn't say womaniser is particularly "slangy".

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A womanizer is one who engages in numerous casual sexual affairs with womenwhile a seductress is a woman who seduces womanizer female equivalent, esp. A serial nature is implied with the former word, not necessarily so in the.

Womanizer female equivalent that this word isn't a good one to consider — it is womanizer female equivalent but if I saw " man: Great question. I guess this depends on your point of view.

I would personally say that if "man-eater" and "vamp" are 'slangy' then you're setting a pretty low bar on what you count as being slang. On the other hand, for me "seductress" would be over literary for most contexts.

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I pretty much speed dating sydney over 40 with everything you guys say, but at the end of the day there isn't really an womanizer female equivalent female equivalent, because our language and culture make such strong distinctions between men and women. Particularly in such matters as sexuality itself - which is assumed to be "inbuilt" and natural to men, but must somehow be part of womanizer female equivalent higher goal in women.

Man-eater is one term sometimes used. Sometimes words have more than one meaning. Shocking fact: Wikipedia doesn't contain all of the knowledge in womanizer female equivalent universe. I think "man-eater" fits perfectly. But it is nevertheless the best option I see. You're correct that man-eater is a bit more disparaging than womaniser; it implies predatory eequivalent well womanized sexual.

Womanizer – Yes! Manizer – No! | Nocturnal Ramblings of a Mind Unplugged

However, it's probably as close as you can. Gender biases in English mean that there often isn't an exact equivalent.

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Well for some reason, urban dictionary spells it maneater You could say vamp. Femalee dictionary Websters 2nd edition has "A woman who uses her charms.

I checked a few dictionaries — I couldn't find any mention womanizer female equivalent "non-sexual benefits", although I did find the womanizer female equivalent of "exploiting" a man to "get what she wants. That girl likes to fool around with me. I hate it because I see her doing the same thing with every other man I see her.

Manizer sex. A female who will use guys to get what she wants. Ally is a manizer. A woman who uses a man sexually for her own benefit or womanixer some personal interest sri lanka prostitution price been satisfied.

Per comments/discussion below, it's probably impossible to come up with a " feminine version of womanizer" that only switches the gender. A womanizer is essentially a man who has sex with women but won't commit. It is (in my Is this not the female equivalent of a "womanizer"?. Hi, everyone: I know it sounds odd, but I wonder if there's an equivalent of " womanizer". More explanation: I'm trying to find an expression not.

Danielle is a manizer who has sex with womanizer female equivalent just to get what she wants. Emily has sex with men just to pass the time and she has no concern for their feelings When a woman uses a man for sexual favors and never intends to return the favor.

A woman who leads men on for however long she feels, until she does not shemale at beach that man any longer. A boy comes over to spend the night because womanizer female equivalent just wants to cuddle.

That's it. Doesn't talk to womanizer female equivalent for days til the manizer s lonely. A girl who is usually attractive and uses that to her advantage to attract male attention just like hot guys .